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Multiple Feature Suggestions! Please read ;)

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 07:40 PM

Hello All / Antares,

I wanted to say that I am in-love with this technology and normally when that happens I like to see it grow and improve. If it was open source (not the pitch correction algorithm) or an API existed, I would for sure be part of its development. However, for the moment the only contribution I can make is suggesting features. Hopefully they are interesting enough and will see light.

If someone at Antares reads this I would like to know their opinion on each suggestion. Please do not let the post die silently ;)

1. Reprogram-able Tone knob with special functions.
   a. Used as whammy bar/pith shift (no need for midi exp pedal): This one is a quick win that will add a very cool feature.
   b. Global Tone Offset like. Wah effect?
   c. Global De-tune like. Gentile vibrato effect? for fixed bridges
   d. Doublings, models blend knob.
   e. Glissando
   f. Normal Tone knob as it is now.
   g. Anything anyone can think of in the future.
I guess Knob calibration would be needed the same as the pedal in the Floor processor.

2. Per-string noise gate.
Apply the noise gate to each string independently. This is something a regular noise gate cannot do and would help incredibly for crosstalk, overall noise, hiss and to the player on complex noisy-phrone riffs.

3. Multiple models within preset on different pickup selector positions.
Being able to have i.e. Strat in the neck position, tele in the middle, Les Paul in the bridge.

4. Per-string volumes within preset and preset general volume
I believe this has been requested already by other users. Specially useful if you want to mute extra strings when playing bass or any other non-6 strings future model. It can also aid troubleshooting crosstalk if exists and set the Per-string noise gate accurately :).

5. Option to activate Preset 0 as soon as the system powers on for non Encoders installation. Can be enabled via Global settings. Useful when the real base string tune is different than standard E.

6. (For 1 encoder installations) Being able to reprogram 13 position encoder behavior to select other string functions (Models, Alt tunings, doublings ...). This can be done via settings manager and/or simulating the function encoder by holding string tune knob, turning the encoder to positions 1-6 (do nothing if it is selected 7-13) then release.

7. If Idea above is attractive, it can be developed further to access presets that are not normally accessible via fret control. i.e. position 1 (presets 1-21), position 2 (presets 22-43), position 3 (presets 44-64), position 4 (capo down), ... position 8 (Models). You get the idea.

9. Official supported VST plug-in. Some users have developed beta versions of this but an official plug-in would be a great addition to ease automation in the studio and live performances. Being Antares I do not see why it cannot be done.

10. Midi designer pro layout functionalities on PC/MAC (not all of us have iDevices). This can be done by another tab in the settings manager or standalone application where all settings can be activated easily (1 click or keyboard stroke). Currently you need multiple clicks and mouse motions on the preset manager to accomplish this. In Fact this can be the same as the VST plug-in but in standalone mode.

11. Doublings. Model doublings. Auto-Harmonizer.

12. This is a long shot but what about allowing the user to upload custom IR's for custom models? This for sure would be very attractive?

13. And the forever asked feature (I know it has been discused countless times): Midi note output. Hopefully, we will see it in the future.

I am pretty sure I will still coming up with more ideas the more I use ATG. So expect more from me :)

ATG users, let us also know your opinions. Apologise me if any of this can be done already but I have not discovered yet.


#2 Sacco


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Posted 27 March 2017 - 02:43 PM

I do hope Antares has some new things under the sleeve software wise.
AT200 with swapped ATG system with two encoders.

Windows 10 in a powerful desktop PC

#3 cags12


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Posted 24 May 2017 - 04:48 PM

I hope any of this features are taken into consideration in the next firmware update :)

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