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Using Fret Control with an ATG device

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Posted 28 July 2017 - 11:23 PM

Fret Control

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Watch The Auto-Tune for Guitar Fret Control Video
In addition to being able to select the Auto-Tune for Guitar features in Software Feature Packs via MIDI, Auto-Tune for Guitar's Fret Control capability lets you select features and save and recall presets directly with the guitar.

The basic mechanism of Fret Control uses the strings and frets of your guitar to select features. Each string is associated with a family of features (e.g., the low E string selects models, the A string above it selects alternate tunings, the D string selects doubling and transposition, etc.). Within each family, individual selections are assigned to the frets of the associated string.

Here's how it works:

Selecting Parameters

Step 1. Press and hold down your guitar's String Tune switch.

Step 2. While continuing to hold down the switch, cleanly and firmly pluck the string and fret associated with the parameter you want to select. Then release the String Tune switch. You're ready to play.
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Note: You can select multiple parameters by sequentially or simultaneously strumming multiple strings fretted at the appropriate frets. But for easy selection of multiple parameters with a single pluck, see the next section on saving and recalling presets.

Another Note: Unlike all of the other Fret Control settings, Transposition (fret 12 and above on string 4 (D2)) is a global setting that is not remembered in the preset. If you set a transposition, it will remain in effect (even across power cycles) until you change it again.

Saving and Recalling Presets

String 1, the high E string, is reserved for saving and selecting presets. Here's how:

Step 1. Set all of your guitar's parameters to the desired selections.

Step 2. Press and hold down your guitar's String Tune switch. While continuing to hold down the switch, pluck the high E string at the 21st fret or above. You will hear a beep to indicate you have entered Save Preset Mode.

Step 3. Hold down the String Tune switch and pluck the high E string again at the fret at which you want to save the preset (open E represents Preset 1, the first fret is Preset 2, etc.). You will hear another beep to confirm that your preset has been saved, then release the String Tune switch.

For the Essential Pack, you can assign all 16 presets to open E through fret 15. For the Pro Pack and Complete Pack, you can save the first 21 presets to open E through fret 20.

Step 4. To recall a saved preset, press and hold down your guitar's String Tune switch and pluck the high E string while fretting at the fret that corresponds to the saved preset.

A Tip: If you save a preset with all of your guitar's default values to the high E string's open position, you can always quickly get back to those default values by recalling that preset.

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