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Posted 08 September 2015 - 11:47 AM

An end user experience with Antares Auto Tune Guitar


The Perfect Storm

A brief summery of the day I tried out a new bit of gear. I have been using a Roland VG-99, a Boss GP-10, and a Fishman Triple Play along with numerous other MIDI pedalboard and interfaces so I thought I was well prepared.

I unpacked my Peavey AT-200 guitar and plugged it into the Peavey AT-200B breakout box and the special 8 pin cable. From there I connect a guitar cable directly to my Mac’s DAW. I tried the Auto Tune and got a whoosh. I was feeling impressed. It looked good and sounded good.

Next I checked out the download manager for any new updates the previous owner neglected to put on board. Using the Hosa USB MIDI cable he sent me I connect it to my Macbook Pro. Safari is looking for Java so I enable that and see that download manager is not compatible with OS X. Time to break out the PC Laptop collecting dust in the closet and set it up 180 degrees from my rig and turn my back to the Mac and and the rest of my gear, including my pedalboard, and fire it up.

In MS Explorer I enable java and plug in the USB cable and download manager doesn’t see ATG. Flip the In/Out cables get and nothing. Download MIDI Ox, install it and see nothing.

I check the knowledge base, Manual, etc. I see My M-Audio Uno listed as compatible so I unplug it from my Mac and Roland Fp-1 keyboard, unravel the routing and plug it into the breakout box. Nothing again so I flip the cables and get nothing. Check the manual, knowledge base and forum plus send an email support.

Then I figure “what have I got to lose” and dig out my Roland Quad Capture and my old HOSA standard MIDI cable and plug that in. The drivers aren’t installed so I download and install them. I plug in the Quad Capture again and wait for windows to install the driver not realizing that it is looking for the drivers on Windows Update and I have to specifically tell it not to do so. Finally, I successfully connect to DownLoad Manager.

Next comes the install of the updates because sure enough the previous owner neglected to install them. Got an answer from support about downloading the drivers for the Uno. I download and install them and while I’m at M-Audio I check for the Mac driver. Oh yeah, the Mac doesn’t need them. Plug the Uno back in to everything and successfully connect to download manager.

At this point I try a few presets and see that everything is working. I take a break because I am spent.

Then it’s time to start cleaning up the mass of cable that have accumulated on my floor and while I’m at it I plug into my pedalboard.

Now I think I might as well check out the ATG Preset Manager for Windows 7, so download and install that. I’m presented with a bug first. The bug is the window is off the screen and so I go to the Mac version click the import button and get nothing so I realize I need to check the documentation to figure this out.

I look at the ATG Preset Manager on Windows again and see I can adjust the size from the side and that brings it into focus. Still doesn’t populate so I put it and the Breakout box aside.

I put some batteries into the AT-200 start playing and all I hear is “bass”.

Remember, I have my back to the Mac and I’m facing the PC which is 180 degrees from my rig. I can’t  figure out what happened. Taking the batteries out and plug in the Breakout box and USB I use the Download Manager for another hour deleting and reinstalling packs and plucking strings but I get nothing but Bass so low that I can’t even hear the whoosh. Thinking I need help again I email support and they are gone for the day.

Now I am freaking out. I read about factory repairs on a forum tread so I decide to re- pack the guitar, print a label and ship it out the next day.

I came home that evening and plugged in my Stratocaster and got BASS.

I had left the Eventide H9 preset on bass and never looked because I was facing the wrong way and didn’t think to look down at the pedal board for the problem.

Unfortunately I shipped it back already. Wish I had kept it. Maybe when the Download Manager is working with Mac I'll dive in again.

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Posted 16 September 2015 - 02:47 AM

no way lololol!! murphy's law man!!

On the other hand I'm very sad you shipped it already. Dang!!! that must sting!

I also almost packed it back.

The batteries that came with it were dead and for some reason if they have such low volts the ATG system inside emits a horrible squeal, I tell you, like a fucking pig squeal that stays there until you turn it off. Is actually hilarious....is like some of those rubber rosters but way louder!!!

So I put it on the box and was ready to print the label until I thought I might try a new set of batteries...and voila, all honky dory.
AT200 with swapped ATG system with two encoders.

Windows 10 in a powerful desktop PC

#3 Mark R

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Posted 16 September 2015 - 08:31 AM

That's a bit of feedback that Antares should listen to.

I think most of us have lost some hair as a result of the midi interface issue. I tried 2 midi interfaces with Guitar manager - the approved one didn't work, and my other one worked intermittently. Updating the guitar was one of my most frustrating software experiences, in over 25 years of building PCs & writing software.

Sorry you had all the frustration & none of the rewards. For me, owning a self-tuning 12-string made it all worthwhile.

I used to tell people that Midi was the biggest success story in digital standards, ironic that it was done by musicians..! But I guess Guitar manager uses non-standard features so it can keep the software hidden & secure. Another case of copy protection screwing things up.

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